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  • State Award for Best Innovator for the Physically Challenged       Community, Govt. of West Bengal, 2014.

  • NCPEDP-MPhasis Universal Design Award 2011, for  contributions in design for the disabled, by National Council for   Promotion of Employment of Disabled Persons, India

  • National Award for Technology Development for Empowering Persons with Disability 2007, Ministry of Social Justice and Youth Empowerment

  •  Da Vinci Award, Engineering Society of Detroit and         Multiple Sclerosis Society of Michigan, for the technology for communication by the speech impaired and people with cerebral palsy, 2004.

  •  Fellow of Indian National Academy of Engineering, 2000

  • International Research Affiliate, Center for Embedded Computing Systems, University of California, Irvine, USA, 1999 for contributions in Embedded Systems

  • Humboldt Fellowship , Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung, Germany, 1997, for the nominee’s works in Embedded Systems.

  • Jaycee Award for Outstanding Persons, Calcutta Chamber of Commerce, 1996, for research on Assistive Devices for the Physically Handicapped.

  • Young Scientist Award, Dept. of Science & Technology, Govt. of India, 1992, for R&D towards devices for visually handicapped.

Patents and Copyrights obtained:

  • A Multimodal System And Method Facilitating Gesture Creation Through Scalar And Vector Data (Filed)

  • Title: Method and Apparatus for augmenting computational grids with data-parallel execution on network edge; Patent ID:32/MUM/2014

  • Title: Method and System for Identifying a sensor to be deployed in a Physical Environment Patent ID: 816/MUM/2014

  • Title: A Multimodal System and Method facilitating Gesture Creation through Scalar and Vector, Application number PCT/IN2013/000139, Indian Application - 805/MUM/2012

  • Title: A Method for Embedding and Multiplexing Audio Metadata in a Broadcasted Analog Video Stream Pub. No.: WO/2013/105116, International Application No.: PCT/IN2012/000859, Indian Application - 3702/MUM/2011

  • System for an Intuitive, Customizable, Multilingual and Reconfigurable Augmentative Communication, Patent No.: 233682

  •  Title: Generating Spatial Proximity Model in Accordance with a User’s Feedback, Copyright

  • Title: Bharati Braille Transcription System, Copyright

  • Title: Sparsha Transliteration System, Copyright

  • Title: Sparsha Chitra: Tool for integrating diagrams in Braille Coded Material, Copyright.

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