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Raj Sekhar Mitra
Rapid prototyping of Microprocessor-based Systems. 1995

Object Oriented VLSI Design Framework. 1996

Prodip Bhowal
On Fault Diagnosis of Timed Discrete Event Systems and Hybrid Systems. 2003

Umesh Ashok Deshpande
Collaborative Problem Solving among Organizations using a Multiagent Framework. 2005

Monojit Choudhury
Computational Models of Real World Phonological Change. 2007

Animesh Mukherjee
Self Organization of Speech Sound Inventories in the Framework of Complex Networks. 2009

Samit Bhattacharya
Models and Algorithms for Virtual Scanning Keyboard Design.2009

Plaban Bhaumik
Emotion Recognition from Textual Data. 2010

Soumyajit Dey
Formal Analysis of Heterogenous Embedded systems using Tagged signal Models. 2011

Sanjay Chatterjee
A Framework to Improve Bangla to Hindi Translation of Texts. 2014

Manjira Sinha

Readability of Text: A Deeper Look into Semantics and Sociological Factors. 2016

Tirthankar Dasgupta 
Representation of Mental Lexicon: Bangla Morphological Complex Words.  2016

Aniruddha Sinha
Cognitive Measurements Modeling of Multiple Choice Question Answering Performance. 2019

Syamantak Das
Cognitive Approach to Evaluation of Assessment  Material in relation to Learning Objects. 2021

Jaya Banerjee

Intervention System for Dyslexia. Ongoing

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