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Development of Software and Content, Braille Embossing and Computer Training for Visually Impaired Students of West Bengal


There was a dearth of books for the blind persons. To help our children in acquiring knowledge by reading school books, the Department of IT & Electronics, Govt. of West Bengal has sponsored this e-Braille project, in which SNLTR and Webel Mediatronic Limited (WML) are working together. Text to Braille transliteration done through �Sparsha� software (developed by IIT Kharagpur & upgraded and maintained by SNLTR).


In the first phase of the project SNLTR is transforming 5000 book pages (i.e. 30 books) of different classes. These books are of West Bengal Board of Secondary Education (WBBSE) and West Bengal Board of Higher Secondary Education (WBBHSE).   

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